Published articles in English:

Emerald Heart® Light, Copyright Emerald Heart® School of Enlightenment/David Ashworth, UK


2018 August: Emerald Heart Retreat Dolphins and Whales
2018 July Interwiew Jack Childs with Florence Zumbihl
2015 September Taking time for yourself
2015 Juli Creating your own power place
2015 April Disconnection
2015 Februar Trauma Release for Babies, Children and Adults
2014 November Working with the Emerald Heart
2014 August Divine Plan Healing System

Published articles in German:
My German blog:
Publications in a German online magazine:
2018 Juli – Freies Systemisches Aufstellen – Heilen des inneren Kindes
2018 Juni – Ozeanisches Bewusstsein
2018 Mai – Achtsam durch die Natur
2018 April – Zeit des Wandels – Auflösungen
2018 März – Emerald Heart® Licht Essenzen
2018 Februar – Vergebung
2018 Januar – Emerald Heart® Licht
2017 Dezember – Was macht den Unterschied
2017 November – Trauma Heilung




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